Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is a tried and tested powerhouse of an advertising device for any business when used correctly.

The greatest benefit of using the likes of Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising or Linkedin Ads (other than enhancing your brand awareness and sales) is that, it’s instant. In fact you could dominate the whole of the first page on Google, however you would probably need the bank balance of Microsoft’s Bill Gates or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to fund it.

Pay Per Click does have its benefits, but in order to maximising these benefits you will need a few months of heavier campaigning in order to gathering enough information and data on your ad group keywords and visitor interactions. It is highly recommended to put aside a larger campaign budget for this testing period in order to eliminate the keyword terms that have no worth, to discover other terms not previously considered and to reduce your overall spend.

If you can afford to I would always recommend combining SEO with PPC to further increase your visibility, exposure and of course ROI.

Through our tried and tested methods we will setup from scratch or improve upon your current campaigns looking at the efficiency of your ad groups to reduce your cost per click, to improve your page/ad quality scores, and to monitor your user interactions looking into things such as age demographics, geo-location… of your target audience in order to paint a better picture of your customers and to further improve your campaign(s) go forward.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click Management

PPC Set-up includes:

Keyword research, Campaign creation, Ad group creation, Writing adverts and selecting landing pages, Configuring max Cost Per Click (CPC), Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times, Configuration of analytics for conversion data, Report of changes, covering keywords, advert text, costs

PPC SETUP: For small campaigns – £450

  • Up to 50 keywords
  • Up to 10 Adgroups
  • Up to 20 adverts

PPC SETUP: For medium sized campaigns – £600

  • Up to 100 keywords
  • Up to 20 Adgroups
  • Up to 40 adverts

PPC SETUP: For larger campaigns – £1000

  • Up to 150 keywords
  • Up to 30 Adgroups
  • Up to 100 adverts

Please note that our set-up fees are for one paid search provider.

The PPC management service fees are approximately:

Campaign Spend – £1 to £2,700 per month – £400p/m

Campaign Spend – £2,701+ per month – 15% of campaign spend p/m

For this you will receive the following services:

Monthly report detailing all keyword information, costs and conversions.

Monthly “tweak” – we will amend any adverts and keywords that are underperforming and update the CPC as required.

Regardless of carry out any SEO on your website, On-Page Optimisation of your campaigned pages will be required. By optimising your landing pages it will help to improve your quality scores, in turn this will help to improve the keyword positions and bring down the overall cost per click. There is an additional £20 to £50 (subject to size) per page for this services which includes the optimisation of the following: Meta descriptions, Title tags, Image Titles and ALT’s, Headers (h1 to h6), Bold/Strong text, LSI (Latent Semantic Index) Keyword usage.